Take the 210 in either direction and there’s a Santa Anita exit. Exit Santa Anita and follow it North. All the way Noth. North until you can’t go any more North. The street will go from four-lane to two-lane to a weird twisting path up the mountain. Just keep going North, damn you, until it hits the uterus. The uterus, in this case, looks like a Forest Service parking lot. Park. Do not buy an Adventure Pass, the Adventure pass is a lie, you don’t need it. A frisky Forest Service officer will command, then insist, then beg, then whine at you about it. No matter how pathetic or sad this Forest Ranger seems, do not buy the pass. Make sure you’re there by 8:30 am.

The event takes place far from the parking lot. But the trails there are intractable. So if you’re not there by 8 freaking Thirty you get left in a parking lot. OR, you’ll remain desperate to join us and walk down the hill in a desperate and hopeless attempt to find the party, only to realize that we did not lie, the trails are in fact intractable. You will wander aimlessly in the woods anyway until you die from a throbbing case of boredom.

The rally point is the parking lot. Punctuality is your only hope.

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