The Surprising Source of Most Mail Fraud in the United States

Dear F. Stick.,

I am writing to you about what I think is a very important issue: mail fraud. In the United States of America mail fraud is considered to be a very serious offense. Therefore, I have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything in this letter is true and accurate.

During the past twenty years 80% of all the mail fraud in the United States has been committed by the same six people. These six people account for a total annual posting of 23 million tons of mail. This impressive number is made even more awe-inspiring when you consider that three of these criminals are over the age of 85, two of them are insurance adjusters, one of them doesn’t have any fingers, and another is in a persistent vegetative state (as well as an insurance adjuster).

In short I would appreciate it if you would stop committing mail fraud. Good luck with your insurance adjusting.


Stickney de Bourgas.

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