Why The World Should Admire Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury looks to be getting a new job with the NBA’s Boston Celtics…

Alright, the guy is a jerk. If you know a sports fan from Minneapolis, New Jersey, Phoenix or New York; ask them what they think of him. 1 for 1 they will say this exact phrase, “Stephon Marbury has all the qualities of a supremely hot chick, minus the good looks.”

Now I may sound like I’m hating on the guy, but actually, I admire him. I would love to be able to go to work, call each of my fellow co-workers a codpiece, streak the halls a couple of times and then sit down and make so much money for the business that the bosses refuse to fire me… Even though I’m sleeping with their wives/husbands/significant others (I’m no sexist and I certainly wouldn’t let a little thing like a dong get in the way of achieving legendary status in my jerk quest).

But I’m not Stephon Marbury; I simply don’t have the talent, the desire or the cast iron balls. So to him I say, well done sir! To the Boston Celtics I say, check you’re A/C ducts regularly for a well placed poop.

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