About Mostie

Mostie McGee is a quasi-professional entrepreneur. He chose this track in life because of the following conversation and limitless other conversations like it:

Random Lady: Hi… so what’s your name?
Mostie: Mostie.
Random Lady: Mostie? What an unusual name, what does it mean?
Mostie: Mayor of Skin Town.
Random Lady: Mayor of what now?
Mostie: Skin town. I’m sorry, that probably sounds worse than it is, allow me to explain, I refuse to wear condoms.
Random Lady: I see… so … um, who exactly are you here for, the bride or groom?
Mostie: Well I’m hoping to spend some time with the bride later, so I guess I’m here for her.
Random Lady: Were you invited?
Mostie: To What?
Random Lady: To this wedding! Who are you?
Mostie: I’m an entrepreneur.
Random Lady: Oh! Well why didn’t you say so! Welcome to my daughter’s wedding! Did you know that I can play the entire score of “Music Man” with my arm waddle? Watch…

Mostie’s life as an entrepreneur has led him to such exciting and exotic locales as Los Angeles and Tijuana. His worldwide travels and cultural experience led him to an impressive career in interior design. “Modern Homes Today” called his design work in Old Mrs. Rabinowiecz’ home “A surprising combination of orange and carpet” and went on to say, “We’ve never seen plaid in a nursery before, and we don’t think we’ll see it again.”

What to Expect from Mostie

Mostie will be blogging weekly at newgoldtooth.com. His blog is going to cover what is happening in the world today, where it is happening and who he will randomly give credit and blame to, and why. His blog is called “The Placemat for the Places, Spaces and Faces”

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About New Gold Tooth

We're a team of comedians with different specialties. Mostie does sports, Brian does pranks, the Zombie Gorillas animate stuff and Richard and Poon throw poop at each other. We're pretty sure that might be all you need to know about us. But if you really want to know more about us, please feel free to write a letter personally. Just place a self addresses stamped envelope in the mail with the following message: "I just paid the current rate of postage to mail myself a letter. This has taught me two things, one, I might be a moron and two, any website that would ask me to do this is supremely jerky." If you want to know anything else, send a second letter. You'll get the idea soon enough.