Prank Letter to Ray Comfort of Living Waters Regarding Atheists


Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 3:54 PM
To: Living Waters
Subject: pulling the plug on atheism

Dear Ray Comfort and the Crew at Living Waters,

Oh, the unrelenting obstinacy of the faithless throng! What are we to do with these people?

I am very happy having read that you found my plan to quietly dispose of influential atheists worth entertaining. Your response, though brief, was very encouraging. What can I say- sometimes carrying the Word is a lonely endeavor.

Ray (or any of the able Crusaders at Living Waters); if you were to put together a list of the three most outspoken or misleading Atheists operating today that the world could do without, which would you choose? Please help guide my efforts.

God Bless,
Brian Henley


Response will be posted upon receipt.

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