Prank Letter to Ebay, Part-3: The Soul Disagreement

Email Account – Brian Henley

From: Brian Henley []

Sent: Wenesday, February 11, 2009 1:30 PM
To: Ebay Customer Service []
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Rules for selling on ebay

Dear eBay Customer Support:

So we have established that eBay has no underlying moral objection to the sale of human souls per se, for which I commend you. Obviously business is business, and a company cannot worry over things like ethics when there are profits to be made.

However, your assertion that eBay will not facilitate in the sale of souls because the “buyer is unable to easily verify that the item exists” is absurd. A quick search on your site revealed that psychic readings and psychotherapy sessions are currently up for bids. The only way to “easily verify” that these items exist is by the fact that your wallet is lighter and you remember having received them. Which is precisely the case when buying souls. Now please can somebody tell me why I can’t sell my soul on eBay?


Brian Henley

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