Letter to the Governor of Maine

Inmate Andy Dufresne
807 Cushing Road

Warren ME 04864

Governor John Baldacci
Office of the Governor
#1 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0001

RE: Allocation of funds for prison library

Dear Hon. Mr. John Baldacci:

In a former life I was a young and promising banker, recently married and eagerly anticipating an uneventful future of quiet domestic felicity. Sadly, I am currently incarcerated and serving two life sentences for the slayings of my pretty wife and her tennis coach. Of said murders I vehemently maintain my innocence; that, however, is a separate matter not pertaining to the business of this letter.

I am writing today in regards to the sad state of our prison library. I’ve recently taken over the job of librarian from the previous curator, a gentle old soul named Brooks (who I hear has not adjusted well following his parole), and I am sad to report that our prison library is in a pitiable state. There is practically nothing on our shelves but mildewed pulp fiction and tattered periodicals.

I have resolved to write you one letter a week, of which this is the first, until funds are provided by the state to improve our library, or until my friend Red can get me that rock hammer I want.


Andy Dufresne

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