An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans

An Open Letter to my Fellow Americans

My Dearest Countrymen,

Our grand nation faces difficult times, and there can be no doubt about it. Wracked by spiraling recession, embroiled in uncertain foreign conflicts and knowing that the worst is yet to come, America’s future seems beset with probable hardship and tribulation. Worse than this, however, is the paralyzing fear this vision engenders, which erodes the optimism and faith that have long characterized our indomitable spirit.

I, for one, am not afraid! I proclaim loudly that I do not fear the days ahead because, unlike you, I am not a moron. I mean come on, you feckless herd of stampeding idiots, nobody forced you to accept loans you couldn’t pay. Nobody forced you to spend and buy beyond your means. Wall Street didn’t do this to you. The government didn’t do this to you. Why do you all seem to feel entitled to a lifestyle you never earned?

Your foreclosures have driven housing prices down. Those few amongst us, those precious few who work and save steadily, can now better afford our own piece of your country. Please know this plainly: as we who are responsible move into (and renovate) your old houses, we are building a solid bridge to our goals out of the corpses of your childish dreams.


Brian Henley

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