Dear F. Stick.,

Are you are aware of the coming banana shortage? If you are not, I must warn you, there is a coming banana shortage. Soon bananas will be difficult to obtain. Demand for bananas will outstrip the supply of bananas. This shortage is imminent and unavoidable.

You are probably wondering what effect this will have on banana-flavored products, such as banana-flavored tapioca, banana-flavored ice cream, and banana-flavored bubble gum. In short, I’m not sure what effect the banana shortage will have on banana-flavored products. I suppose it depends on whether the banana flavoring comes from real bananas, or if it comes from other sources. Most likely products imbued with a banana flavor from actual bananas will also be in short supply, as there will be fewer bananas available for use in the banana flavoring. Products flavored with non-banana substitutes will probably suffer no ill-effects of the banana shortage. Although, the lack of actual bananas and products infused with real banana flavor could cause a run on products made with banana flavor substitutes as people search for any suitable means to satiate their hunger for bananas. Thus, a shortage of products made from artificial banana flavors could also result.

Personally, this news is of little importance, I don’t really like bananas.


Stickney de Bourgas.

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